Company Members

Invitations to become an RHCT Company Member will be extended annually to a maximum of five individuals. The nominees will be voted on at the February Board meeting and the invitations will be sent by the end of the month. The New Company Members will be introduced at the Annual General Meeting in April.

These Company Members will have their names listed in every playbill as “The RHCT Company”. As non-board members, they are not required to attend Board meetings and have no voting rights. However, each will be required to contribute a minimum of 10 service hours for RHCT each year. Service hours can be met by helping with tickets, set builds, attending Business After Hours, helping with the booth at Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival or in other ways as needs arise. To remain a member of the company, they must perform their service hours or pay a nominal reinstatement fee.

As a thank you to former RHCT Board members who are stepping down or completing their terms; they will automatically become a company member for one year without the need of meeting required service hours. However, to retain membership after the first year, required service hours must be completed annually.

2018-2019 Company Members

Anna Schneider

Amanda Barker

Robert Mayo

Kristin Martin*

Kathy Harris

Debra Hollis-Stewart*

2019-2020 Company Members

Ken Butler*

Ken Deal

Kim Diebold*

Varina Moser

*Former board member